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GPS Eureka is an enterprise specialized in mapping and guided tours for GPS appliances. We aim to make dependable, quality information available for all possible GPS users. By the creation of business relationships with official establishments, GPS Eureka can offer precise and convivial data that is oriented toward the precise needs of users.
Based in the Chaleur Bay area of the beautiful Gaspé Peninsula (Quebec, Canada) we have chosen first to work locally with the various businesses and organisations of this enchanting region. Thus, with this acquired experience, GPS Eureka can now offer it’s expertise across Canada and elsewhere in the world. After all, global positioning is rooted in the needs of a multitude of local users.
GPS Eureka considers that all information should be available to all GPS users so that this tool may fulfill its social, ecological, sport, health and safety applications, as well as being an aid to rural, regional and community development.  In the vast territories that surround us, how many places are out of reach simply because we don’t know how to get to them? How many people still often get lost, wasting time and resources due to out of date or inadequate information? How many development initiatives can be facilitated by the available data relevant to the surrounding territory?
For all these reasons and to fulfill the crying accessibility and reliability shortcomings of the present GPS market, GPS Eureka intends to work hard to offer free and reasonably priced maps and guided tours, that will help local organisations fulfill their mandates, and that will please all GPS users.
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