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GPS Eureka works with government organisations and established businesses in order to make GPS information available. These collaborations made use of the expertise developed by GPS Eureka, helping these organisations to fulfill their missions more effectively as well as to spread their horizons and offer greater services.
Guided Tours of Chaleur Bay
Done for the SADC Baie des Chaleurs (www.sadcbc.ca)
In order to maximize the touristic potential of his magnificent region, we have put together guided tours for common GPS appliances. These downloadable and useful tours include great photography, descriptions of points of interest and even voice explanations.
Examples of route applications: (as shown on the Portail BdC website)
The MUSEUM AND HISTORY TOUR is a witness of the past that has given our bay the distinctive character that has made it what it is today.
The BEACH TOUR presents the seaside aspect of the region and invites all to come and have some fun in the water.
The FISHING TOUR invites the sportsmen and women to come and test their skills with the various species lurking in our waters.
Finally, the FAMILY TOUR reveals the little treasures and memorable spots that provide good times to be spent for couples, families and friends.
All this information has been put together to be used by Garmin car receptors (such as Nuvi and Street Pilot) but the points of interest can also b used by other Garmin appliances as well as in a presentation document with printable maps.
To consult and download these documents:
Portail Baie-des-chaleurs, section La Baie-des-chaleurs par GPS (www.baiedeschaleurs.com/gps)
Ambulance rendez-vous points.
Done for Agence Santé Service sociaux Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Gaspé and Magdalen Islands Health and Social Services Agency, ASSS-GIM)
Since it covers a vast and often hardly accessible territory, the agency needed solutions to provide efficient health services and security to the local population owing to fast ambulance response.
The partnership with GPS Eureka focused on the compilation of up-to-date regional mapping, the accessible meeting points for ambulance emergencies and the installation of GPS reception systems for agency employees.
Better information availability for the general public also allows the agency to effectively fulfill its emergency and health service mission for individuals, families and outdoor groups, by keeping knowledge of ambulance rendezvous points available and by permitting other organisations to include this information in their services.
See the agency’s page on the GPS Eureka website (link to Health and Safety mapping, Gaspésie-Iles-de-la Madeleine or the agency’s website SSS_GIM (www.agencesssgim.ca)
Snowmobile and Quad/atv Trail Mapping
Done for the URLS-GIM (Unité Régionale des Loisirs et Sports Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine (Gaspésie-Magdalen Islands Sports and Leisure Unit))
With it’s government mandate to coordinate the management and use of snowmobile and quad/atv trails in the Gaspé and Magdalen Islands , the URLS wanted to give motorists clear and up-to-date information on the region’s usable trails. Historically, the Gaspé Peninsula counts a lot on tourism to insure a good part of its development and job creation. The rise of the snowmobile and especially the development of snowmobile tourism packages, have given the region an added appeal as a winter tourism destination.
The following development of the quad/atv added the need to set up the associated trails and recreational and touristic infrastructures  for the pleasure of the users and for our regional development.
Since safety is a priority for the URLS-GIM, an agreement was made with the health and social services agency so that the information already put together for them by GPS Eureka may be used for the motor sport trails. The available and up-to-date information about the trails highlights the points of ambulance access and so provides better quality and safety to the trail motorists.
See the URLS-GIM website (link to www.urlsgim.com)  Gaspésie and Magdalen Islands regional mapping for snowmobile? Trials GIM and mapping/quad/atv? Trails GIM
GPS Mapping of the Bonaventure River
Done for Cime Aventures  (Adventure Tourism)
With GPS Eureka’s expertise and the quality outdoor services offered by Cime Aventures: What better way to enjoy the Bonaventure river? The Garmin receptor maps favoured the creation of a new array of outdoor services for Cime Aventures, on top of insuring even more security, accessibility and quality for the already existing services.
The compilation of data linked to this magnificent river known for one of the world’s most limpid waters, was done by the GPS Eureka team. It provides the necessary information about this local jewel. People can easily find the river’s most breathtaking sites and the services offered on its shores, like Cime Aventures’ terrace-café and lodging services.

Possible applications for GPS mapping are practically unlimited; as well as project possibilities accomplished by GPS Eureka. Even now, according to various needs, it is possible to imagine all kinds of map uses for people from all walks of life. Roadmaps emphasizing secondary roads and appropriate points of interest, the Green Road cycling network, hiking trails, cross-country skiing and snowshoe trails, all along a completed display of the region’s points of interest, restaurants, tourist attractions, service stations and more.
You can initiate such projects in your area by referring us to organisations, agencies or businesses whom can benefit from our specialized mapping experience.

See How to start a project in your area

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